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Master thesis defense

Pomacom graduate student, Sučić Mato, is going to defend his master thesis entitled "Control of mold status of bentonite mixture and the appearance of defects in castings of cast iron". Defense will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, on Friday, 16.7.2010, at 13:00 AM.

Master thesis defense

Pomacom graduate student, Buljeta Ivica, is going to defend his master thesis entitled "Research of the causes of variations of shape and dimensions in continuously cast AlMgSi logs using computer simulations and measurements". Defense will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, on Friday, 16.7.2010, at 11:00 AM.

Master thesis defense

Pomacom graduate student, Borislav Pajkić, is going to defend his master thesis entitled "Assessment of measurement uncertainty in the calibration of planparallel length gauges class 'K' in the interferometer 'NLRM-Tsugami' type GBK-250". Defense will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, on Friday, 9.7.2010, at 11:00 AM.

PhD thesis defense

Samir Lemeš is going to defend his Ph.D thesis "Validation of numerical simulations by digital scanning of 3D sheet metal objects". The supervisor is prof.dr. Karl Kuzman. The thesis defense will be held at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on Wednesday, 23.6.2010, at 10:00 AM.

Master thesis defense

Pomacom graduate student, Josip Kačmarčik, is going to defend his master thesis entitled "Experimental and numerical determination of stress concentration factors for reinforced openings in pressure vessels". Defense will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, on Monday, 7.6.2010, at 11:00 AM.

Proizvodna mjerenjaNew book: Proizvodna mjerenja (Production Measurements)

The new book is out of print: "Proizvodna mjerenja (Production measurements)". Authors: Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović, Samir Lemeš, Daut Denjo and Almira Softić, reviewers: Sabahudin Ekinović and Smail Klarić.
The book contains the following chapters:
  1. Production measurements and quality
  2. The basics of production measurements (download)
  3. Mechanical devices for control and measurement of length and angles
  4. Errors and measurement uncertainty in production measurements
  5. Electrical sensors in production measurements
  6. Optical and optoelectronic measurements of dimensional characteristics of products and process control
  7. The basics of coordinate metrology
  8. Measurements of surface characteristics
  9. Management of measuring and control equipment for production measurements

ISO 26000Standard ISO 26000 - social responsibility:

The final round of information and consultations before adoption of ISO 26000 standard was held on November 17 and 18 for representatives of Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan countries. Bosnia and Herzegovina representatives were Prof.dr. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović, president of B&H Quality Association, Mrs. Lenka Kozić, manager of Market surveilance agency, and Tihomir Anđelić, expert of Bosnian Institute for standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
ISO/TMB/WG/SR comittee prepared standard which refers to social responsibility of all stakeholders in modern global economy. The following subject should participate in implementation of this standard, in February 2010: Industry (manufacturing and services), consumers, government sector, NGO, unions and others. The key objectives of this standard include: human rights, environment, labour rights, consumer protection, ethical business principles, involvement of local community in development. Standard is not subjected to certification, and numerous companies are being prepared to implement the principles of social responsibility in their business. All other stakeholders should be included into national mirror committee and to promote ISO 26000 in national level.

4. konferencija kvaliteta u BiH 4th Quality Conference

The world quality day, November 12, this year was marked with the 4th Quality Conference entitled "National Quality Award". The conference was held in hotel "Europe", Sarajevo.
Around 60 participants took part in conference activities. They came from industrial enterprises, governmental and non-governmental institutions, certification agencies and other companies who deal with quality assurance or who are interested to promote the idea of quality in their business.
The materials and conclusions from the conference are available on the following link, and you can also see the Pholto galery from the conference.

Training for coordinate measurement machine

Between September 8 and 17 2009, the training for coordinate measuruing machine Zeiss Contura was realised in the Laboratory for measurements. The training was performed by mr. Robert Grosek from Zeiss IMT Austria. Intensive training was realised through 3 modules (Basic, Advanced i Curves) and it was attended by our laboratory staff, and cooperatives from the Institute for metallurgy "Kemal Kapetanović" and Mechanical Engineering Faculty from Sarajevo. After this training, the Laboratory will soon start with commercial services of dimensional and shape control.

Strengthening metrology infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

The meeting with key metrology experts was organized in Zenica, at the Institute for metallurgy and materials, on August 11. The meeting was part of the activities of the first part of the project "Establishment of national metrology system in Bosnia and Herzegovina". The meeting was intitated by mr. Dušan Kordik, team leader and expert for metrology from the Czech Republic and mr. Zoltan Zelenka, expert of Austrian metrology institute.
EU supported and granted financial resources for the project "Strengthening metrology infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina", with one million Euros. The project is granted to the consortium consisting of Austrian, Czech and Portuguese metrology institutes, who will help Bosnian experts to establish legal and fundamental metrology in B&H. The goal of this visit was to get familiar with status of metrology in B&H, preparation of report about this area and meeting the local experts who will participet in realization of this project. It is important to mention that establishment and functionality of metrology infrastructure in B&H one of EU integration preconditions.

International metrology day

May 20th is International Metrology Day. University of Zenica marked this day through delivery of modern metrology equipment, including coordinate measuring machine.
You can see the photo gallery about laboratory renewal.

External evaluation EUA

Representatives of EUA (Europan University Association) visited our Laboratory for measurements on Friday, 20.2.2009, as part of activities of external evaluation of UNZE.

Master thesis defense

Pomacom graduate student, Borislav Bošnjak, is going to defend his master thesis entitled "Methods of testing declared characteristics of household appliances according to EU standards". Defense will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, on Friday, 27.2.2009, at 11:00 AM.

Master thesis defense

First Pomacom graduate student, Nedžad Haračić, is going to defend his master thesis entitled "Modern calibration method for XRF spectrometer by means of synthetic standards (etalons)". Defense will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, on Monday, 19.1.2009, at 11:00 AM.

Conference RMO 2008

CavtatChair members, Prof.dr. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović and Samir Lemeš M.Sc., presented a paper "Importance of metrology education - B&H case" at the 1st International Symposium RMO 2008 - Regional Metrology Organizations "Metrology, Testing, and Accreditation – Breaking the Trading Barriers", between November 12 and 14 2008, in Cavtat, Croatia.
At this page you can see some photos from the conference.

Conference TMT 2008

Chair members presented papers at the 12th international conference "TMT 2008", between August 24 and 30 2008, in Istanbul. At this page. you can see some photos from the conference

IBM Intellistation M ProEquipment purchase

Nextengine 3D scannerFederal Ministry for education and science granted financial support for purchase of equipment for the Chair of automation and metrology of the University of Zenica. This grant was used to purchase and install 3D scanner Nextengine, and graphical workstation IBM Intellistation M Pro.



University of Zenica applied this project for EU Tempus SCM programme (Structural and Complementary Measures) in December 2005. Prof.dr. Nermina Zaimović Uzunović from the University of Zenica is project coordinator, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany is project grantholder, University of Maribor, Slovenia and Zenica-Doboj Canton are project partners. The project was accepted by European Comission as project number C004A06-2006, and it will be realised between 15.10.2006 and 15.10.2007.


Chair members take part in project "Course Development Program Plus" financed by WUS Austria. In winter semester 2006/2007 the following courses are updated: "Metrology" at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, coordinator prof.dr. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović and two courses set at the Pedagogical Faculty (Applicative software, Programming for Internet), coordinator mr. Samir Lemeš. In summer semester dr. Aleksandar Karač will realise course "Procedural programming".
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