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  2nd International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management "EMFM2012"

The International Symposium on Environmental Management and Material Flow Management – EMFM2012 will be organized this year for the second time, jointly by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade (Serbia), and Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, University of Applied Sciences Trier (Germany), presenting a forum for representation and discussion of scientific research and practice on the subjects of environmental and material flow management.

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The Symposium will be performed as follows: plenary session (key papers concerned global topics), symposium (papers according to the conference topics) and workshops, when needed. We would like to inform all potential authors to prepare papers in the following topics:
- Environmental Management
- ISO 14001 and EMA
- Material Flow Management
- Life Cycle Analysis
- Sustainable Development
- Industrial Ecology
- Energy Management
- Cleaner Production
- Eco-efficiency

Abstracts should be submitted in English language and prepared in following style: title (font Times New Roman, Bold, Capital Letters, 14pt, centered), authors' names and addresses (Times New Roman, Bold, 12pt, Italic, centered), text not exceeding 1800 characters (Times New Roman, normal, 12pt, justified) with margins: top and left - 25mm, bottom and right - 25mm, in A4 format (210õ297 mm).
All submitted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts, before the conference. The communications presented at the Conference will be published in the Proceedings, after the conference.

The conference will be held from 7th to 9th June 2012 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Hotel Zenica.
Newly built Hotel Zenica is situated in the heart of the business quarter of the town of Zenica. The centre of the town with all attractions and cultural sights is in the immediate vicinity. The spacious rooms completely redecorated and adapted according to the demands of the business guest as well as those who visit
Zenica as tourists are at your disposal. Fashionably decorated rooms and suites will surely provide comfort and warmth.
For all information contact you can visit www.hotelzenica.ba

The conference fee includes admission to the sessions, Book of Proceedings and the accompanying materials, welcome cocktail and refreshments during the Conference.
- Participants: 100 EUR
- Accompanying persons: 60 EUR
Note: For the participants from three organizing institutions, the symposium fee is FREE.

Information about city of Zenica are available at: www.zenica.ba.
Hotel “Zenica” is located at the center of the city of Zenica. Conference hall is located at the ground floor of the hotel and equipped with free wireless connection.

You can get all the information regarding the Conference at:
Phone: +387 32 449-120, 449-124,
fax:+387 32 246-612
E-mail: nimamovic@mf.unze.ba; goletic@mf.unze.ba
You can also contact:
- Dr. Šefket Goletić, president
- Mr. Nusret Imamović, secretary
Fakultetska 1
for The International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management EMFM 2012
72000 ZENICA

Submission of abstracts January 31st 2012
Notification of acceptance of the abstracts and instructions for preparing the papers February 15th 2012
Submission of the full paper April 15th 2012
Registration fee payment May 10th 2012
Final Programme May 15th 2012
EMFM 2012 June 07th-09th 2012
EMFM 2012

Dr. Šefket Goletić, President (B&H)
Dr. Dragana Živković, Vice-president (Serbia)
Dr. Helling Klaus, Vice-president (DE)
Mr.Sc. Nusret Imamović, Secretary (B&H)
Dr. Darko Petković (B&H)
Dr. Jovan Sredojević (B&H)
Dr. Nagib Neimarlija (B&H)
Dr. Mustafa Imamović (B&H)
Dr. Jusuf Duraković (B&H)
Dr. Džafer Dautbegović (B&H)
Mr.Sc. Raif Seferović (B&H)
Dr. Šefket Goletić, President
Dr. Dragana Živković, Vice-president
Dr. Ivan Mihajlović
Mr.Sc. Nusret Imamović, Secretary
Ljubiša Balanović, Vice-secretary
Kulkarni M.V., CEO, Arcelor Mittal Zenica
Željko Boras, CEO, Aluminij Mostar
Izudin Neimarlija, CEO, HeidelbergCement Kakanj
Emir Zukić, director, Regionalna deponija Zenica

Nermin Nikšić, Prime minister of the Federation
Branka Ðurić, Minister of the Environment and Tourism Ministry
Fikret Plevljak, Prime minister of Zenica-Doboj Canton
Husein Smajlović, Mayor of the Municipality of Zenica
H.E. Urlike Maria Knotz, German Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina
H.E. Ninoslav Stojadinović, Serbian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof.Dr.Sc. Sabahudin Ekinović, Rector, University of Zenica, B&H
Prof.Dr.Sc. Jörg Wallmeier, Rector, University of Aplied Sciencies, Germany
Prof.dr.sc. Branko Kovačević, Rector, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Goletić Šefket, PhD, B&H - President
Živković Živan, PhD, Serbia – Co-president
Helling Klaus, PhD, Germany - Co-president
Agusti Perez Foguet, PhD, Spain
Ana Meira Castro, PhD, Portugal
Antoni Sudria Andreu, PhD, Spain
Antonijević Milan, PhD, Serbia
Asanovic Vanja, PhD, Montenegro
Avdić Nurudin, PhD, B&H
Balić Senad, PhD, B&H
Basakcilardan Kabakci Sibel, PhD, Turkey
Begić Sabina, PhD, B&H
Begić Sabit, PhD, B&H
Bijedić Muhamed, PhD, B&H
Bikić Farzet, PhD, B&H
Botonjić Šefkija, PhD, B&H
Brdarević Safet, PhD, B&H
Budak Igor, PhD, Serbia
Carles Riba Romera, PhD, Spain
Dautbegović Džafer, PhD, B&H
De Bal Filip, PhD, Belgium
Debelak Martin, PhD, Slovenia
Delalić Sead, PhD, B&H
Delijić Kemal, PhD, Montenegro
Duhovnik Jože, PhD, Slovenia
Duraković Jusuf, PhD, B&H
Durmišević Smail, PhD, B&H
Ðuković Jovan, PhD, B&H
Ekinović Sabahudin, PhD, B&H
Gian Andrea Blengini, PhD, Italy
Grujić Radoslav, PhD, B&H
Gulišija Zvonko, PhD, Serbia
Habeš Suad, PhD, B&H
Hadžistević Miodrag, PhD, Serbia
Helmersa Eckarda, PhD, Germany
Hodolič Janko, PhD, Serbia
Hodžić Nedim, PhD, B&H
Imamović Mustafa, PhD, B&H
Irene Buj Corral, PhD, Spain
Jašarević Sabahudin, PhD, B&H
Joan Vivancos Calvet, PhD, Spain
Joksimović Aleksandar, PhD, Montenegro
Jose Bordonau Farrerons, PhD, Spain
Josep Arnaldos Viger, PhD, Spain
Kamberović Željko, PhD, Serbia
Karaosmanoglu Filiz, PhD, Turkey
Kljajin Milan, PhD, Croatia
Knaus Michael, PhD, Germany
Kosec Borut, PhD, Slovenia
Kupusović Tarik, PhD, B&H
Lamut Jakob, PhD, Slovenia
Lazaro Vicente C. Oliver, PhD, Spain
Leali Francesco, PhD, Italy
Ljubojev Milenko, PhD, Serbia
Majernik Milan, PhD, Slovakia
Mandžuka Abaz, PhD, B&H
Maras Vesna, PhD, Montenegro
Maria Margarita G. Benitez, PhD, Spain
Martinov Milan, PhD, Serbia
Matsché Norbert, PhD, Austria
Mićević Snežana, PhD, B&H
Mihajlov Anðelka, PhD, Serbia
Mihajlović Ivan, Serbia
Milošević Novica, PhD, Serbia
Minkovski Robert, PhD, Macedonia
Muhamedagić Sulejman, PhD, B&H
Neimarlija Nagib, PhD, B&H
Nowosielski Richard, PhD, Poland
Omay Didem, PhD, Turkey
Paulo Santos Àvila, PhD, Portugal
Petković Darko, PhD, B&H
Popović Ivanka, PhD, Serbia
Redžić Sulejman, PhD, B&H
Salihović Edhem, PhD, Austria
Samec Niko, PhD, Slovenia
Schaar Heidi, PhD, Austria
Scott Chumbley, PhD, USA
Skender Hajrudin, PhD, B&H
Sokić Miroslav, PhD, Serbia
Soković Mirko, PhD, Slovenia
Sredojević Jovan, PhD, B&H
Stefano Tornincasa, PhD, Italy
Škerget Leopold, PhD, Slovenia
Štrbac Nada, PhD, Serbia
Tekasakul Perapong, PhD, Thailand
Velikonja Joran, PhD, Canada
Versele Alexis, PhD, Belgium
Višekruna Antonija, PhD, B&H
Vojnović Miloradov Mirjana, PhD, Serbia
Vucetić Aleksa, PhD, Montenegro
Vujić Goran, PhD, Serbia
Vukelić Ðorðe, PhD, Serbia
Vukovic Milovan, PhD, Serbia
Wisutmethangoon Worawut, PhD, Thailand
Zessner Matthias, PhD, Austria
Živković Dragana, PhD, Serbia

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