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The Office for Support of Students with Special Needs was created within the framework of the Tempus project "Equal Opportunities for Students with Special Needs in Higher Education" (EQOPP) (2011-2014) (Project number: 516939-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-BA-TEMPUS -SMHES) and is intended to improve access, meet needs and rights and improve the study experience of students with special needs (students with motor disorders, hearing impairments, visual impairments, specific learning difficulties, mental disorders, students with speech disorders language communication, with chronic diseases, students with a risk such as belonging to an ethnic minority, students who are in an academically disadvantaged position and with a low socio-economic status, students who have experience of violence, trauma, etc.) at all universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Students with special needs form a heterogeneous group that includes students with motor disorders, with hearing impairment, visual impairment, specific learning difficulties, mental disorders, students with speech-language communication disorders, chronic diseases, students at risk such as belonging to ethnic minorities, students at an academic disadvantage position and low socio-economic status, students who have experienced violence, trauma, etc.

Support Office represents a coordinating body at the university that contributes to the creation of a society in which every person belongs and participates fully. The Support Office fosters an educational environment that is inclusive and ready to support students with special needs through:

  • building and maintaining partnerships with faculties and academic and non-academic staff
  • promoting disability awareness among all members of the university community
  • ensuring guidelines regarding university policies and procedures that ensure the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of university life.

A vision

Unique and equal ('JJ' in education) in realizing the right to education.
Each of us is different, unique in our own way. Education for ALL, for our better tomorrow.

The mission

The Office for Persons with Special Needs at the University level was established with the primary goal of providing support to students with special needs in higher education so that these persons are socially integrated into the academic community in the most adequate way possible.
The Support Office offers a variety of information, support, resources, advice and expertise in the field of study on all matters relating to the conditions, rights and obligations of students with special needs.


General objectives:

  • Identification and constant updating of the database of students with special needs at the University level
  • Ensuring quality access to higher education for students with special needs
  • Providing support that will be oriented towards a collaborative process that is sensitive to the unique experience of the individual
  • Providing support to students with special needs in their adaptation and complete social integration into the academic community
  • Education of teaching and non-teaching staff and students on the specifics of working with students with special needs

The specific goals are:

  • Advising students with special needs when planning and implementing studies
  • Providing support in everyday life and in situations where certain difficulties may arise (e.g. when taking exams, housing, relationships with other students, etc.)
  • Providing the necessary information and support in the office and in other areas of the University (in person, by phone, e-mail, and via the website and printed brochure)
  • Provided access to assistive technology and counseling by academic and non-academic staff
  • Informing academic and non-academic staff about the impact of special needs on learning processes and accordingly adapting them to those needs
  • Connecting and securing social resources in better and more successful support for students with special needs
  • Continuously informing the Faculty about changes in legislation, as well as models of support for students with special needs
  • Discussion and evaluation of legal and other systemic difficulties related to higher education (e.g. amendments to the Law with the aim of better treatment of persons with special needs)
  • Removing barriers and achieving equality through public work (e.g. planning, organization, implementation of projects) in order to improve the position of people with special needs
  • Eliminating prejudices and understanding the problems of people with special needs by teaching and non-teaching staff and students
  • Establishing cooperation with partners: competent ministries, the city, associations of students and persons with disabilities and associations that work programmatically for the benefit of persons with disabilities, as well as scientists and experts;

Who can request the services of the Office:

  • Students with hearing impairment;
  • Students with visual impairment;
  • Students with motor impairment;
  • Students with specific learning difficulties;
  • Students with mental disorders;
  • Students with chronic diseases: diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, etc. Diseases;
  • Students with impaired speech and language communication;
  • Students at risk, such as ethnic minorities, behavioral disorders, problems with the law, consumption of psychoactive substances: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes; various phobias, fears, depression;
  • Students with low socio-economic status;
  • Students who have experience of trauma, violence;
  • Students with bulimia, anorexia;
  • Students with fear and nervousness or stress before exam situations.

What services do we offer:

  • Counseling and study support
  • Tutor support or tutoring
  • Rental of equipment and materials

How to get the services of the Office:

Step 1: Contact the Support Office via an available email address, Facebook group or phone and arrange a meeting.
Step 2: At the meeting, the Office Coordinator will briefly introduce you to the basic areas of work and possible forms of support
Step 3: Fill out the Identification Form
Step 4: The office will create your personal profile and support system, which will be available only to you and the office
Step 5: The office creates opportunities to provide support using all available resources
Step 6: You constantly evaluate the support offered by the Office with the aim of achieving its quality

How to get support:

UNZE Campus, MF Sports Hall, Entrance Hall, first door on the right
Tel. 032 444 420
Facebook: Office for the support of students with special needs of the University of Zenica


Fakultetska 3
72000 ZENICA

Unze logo white

tel. +387 32 444 420, 444 421
fax. +387 32 444 431

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