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  Project: BOSHMAN
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A co-operation Project between BI Norwegian School of Management/University of Oslo and the Universities of Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla - Research and Higher Education 2000-2004, organised by The Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Council of Higher Education

Education Management Research and Training Programme for Bosnia-Herzegovina (BOSHMAN)

Project Synopsis

In the global network society of today, the organisation of effective continuing education is seen as a key factor in the economic competition. The human resources are increasingly more important compared to other resources. They are decisive for the degree of innovation and adaptability of public agencies and organisations. Thus, the quality of the training of employees and their ability to be responsible for their own learning is key to the success of the agency or company. Everyone will be forced to continuously gain new knowledge and skills to keep their current position - or to have new, exciting possibilities. The organisations and individuals who are in the best position are the ones that have gained competence in learning to learn. Organisations and agencies will, for this reason, need managers of learning who can make the organisation itself an active learning environment. Increasingly, public entities function by the same principles as private, market-based actors. BOSHMAN focused on the higher education sector’s need for competence in the following areas:

ˇ Quality of teaching and learning in the university
ˇ Regional relevance of the university’s professional expertise
ˇ Governance, management and financing of the university
ˇ ICT in learning and organisational restructuring of the university
ˇ Evaluation and quality assurance in the university

The programme aimed at providing managers of learning with the competence to analyse, plan, implement and evaluate short and long term learning activities, as well as identify and exploit the “pedagogical” aspects of the organisation’s regular activities. Short term and specific training projects are necessary in all organisations. It is also necessary to think of competence building in a long-term educational perspective.

Target groups
The Management of Education and Learning programme was designed to meet the needs for updating the competence of people who are responsible for management of learning in their agency or company, or for those who wish a new career opportunity.

Within the public sector, competence in learning management is needed in all ministries, agencies and institutions. The Training Co-ordinator within these entities is one of the target groups for the programme in Management of Education and Learning. Other target groups are the training co-ordinators in companies, projects and NGOs.

BOSHMAN TRAINING had the following target groups:
ˇ Key administrators at faculty and central levels
ˇ Elected (academic) administrators at faculty or central levels
ˇ Other key administrators of importance for the West Balkan countries higher education sector

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