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Tempus project STINT-Strengthening the internationalization of BH higher education organizations (Strengthening of Internationalization in B&H Higher Education -561874-EPP-1-2015-1-BE-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP) had a continuation of its project activities at the beginning of April organized by the Polytechnic University of Porto ( After the welcoming address of Carlos Ramos, vice-chancellor of the Polytechnic University of Porto, there followed an introduction to this respectable institution that has almost 20,000 students and very significant results in the field of internationalization of its overall work, which vice-chancellor Ramos spoke about in the second part of his presentation. In front of the National Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation of Portugal, BH representatives were addressed by prof. Alberto Amaral, President of the Assessment and Accreditation Board (A3ES), who spoke to the audience about the relationship between QA, QMS and internationalization. The Office for International Cooperation of the Polytechnic University of Porto was presented by Carla Carneiro, head of the Office. In the afternoon of 03.04. followed by a visit to the university's laboratories. On the second day of the seminar, participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, after visiting the Porto Design Factory, had the opportunity to hear presentations by Prof. Professor Alexandra Albuquerque, head of the Office for International Cooperation at Porto Accounting and Business School, ISCAP, who spoke about the importance of internationalization in the context of double degrees, Professor Ângelo Jesus, from the e-Learning and Teaching Innovation unit, who spoke about e-learning and innovation in the teaching process, Prof. Gustavo Alves (VISIR+) and Prof. Nuno Escudeiro (MUTW, PRAXIS, BlendedAim) spoke about project management. In the afternoon Prof. Zita Vale, Faculty of Engineering, ISEP and Rosália Fonte / Rafael Pedrosa, had notable presentations about RDI projects in the context of international cooperation, Prof. Clara Sarmento, Porto Accounting and Business School ISCAP, lecture on international studies in the field of MBA and alumni João Nogueira, with P. PORTO spoke about his international experiences from mobility programs in Portugal, Brazil and Poland. On the third day of work (04/05), Alexandra Trincão, Head of the International Cooperation Office of Engineering Faculties, ISEP and Prof. Bruno Pereira, Head of the International Cooperation Office of the Academy of Arts, ESMAE. At the end of the seminar, Prof. Prof. Delminda Lopes, vice chancellor for student affairs. In the afternoon hours of 04.05. teams of faculty representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina worked on defining the activity plan for 2017 with special emphasis on the development of the Internationalization Strategy as a sub-document of the integral strategy of each university. The UNZE team at the seminar in Porto consisted of Prof. Dr. Darko Petković, Director of CIP UNZE, Head of the Office for International Cooperation Amra Muslić-Halilović and President of the Student Union Denis Vejzović.


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