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In addition to its strategic commitment and active participation in international cooperation projects, the University nurtures the previously established and, on new bases, further develops cooperation with the local community and business entities from the country and abroad.

Organizational unit Partner Activity/Project
Secondary mixed school "Mladost" in Zenica JU Mixed secondary industrial school
school in Zenica Medical School Zenica
Mixed secondary technical school Travnik
JU Mixed secondary school "Hazim Šabanović" Visoko
Celab doo Kakanj
Federal Ministry of Science Education
Eagle Technology doo Žepče
Fofonjka doo Bjelovar ArcelorMittal Zenica
JP Vodovod i Kanalizacija doo Zenica "NANSI" doo Žepče
Institute for Health and Food Safety, Zenica
Pharmamed doo, Travnik
Cement factory, Kakanj
BSI doo Jajce
Application of calcined clay in the production of cement and concrete in order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
Examination of delta ferrite content in welded joints
Analysis of the microstructure of the patented wire of DH quality
EIT Raw Materials
Program: HEI Capacity Building Initiative,
Activity: Organizing internship for a student
2. Matrel doo Zagreb, Croatia
4. IPI doo Zenica
5. Physical person: DINO TICA
7. Euro lemon doo Doboj
8. Thermocontrol Bijeljina
9. Export-import Kuna doo Visoko
10. IPI doo Zenica
11. ArcelorMittal
12. Natron-Hayat Maglaj
13. Natron-Hayat Maglaj
14. IPI doo Zenica
15. FTM doo Novi Travnik
1. Preparation of the main project for disassembly and assembly of the crane track, final processing of slag in AMZ
2. Supervision during the assembly of 2 platforms in Arcelor Mittal (Agglomeration)
3. Creation of register and control books for 3 cranes (5t, 10t, 15t) manufactured by Podem Crane
4. Expert opinion on safety frame for Natron Hayat Conceptual solution of the new hood for BOF
5. Examination of lagging voltages on a sample of high-pressure steam pipelines
6. Creation of the control calculation of the crane track in HALL 2-left side
7. Preparation of expertise and professional opinion for a semi-trailer manufactured by Uniplast Serbia according to offer 03-100-008-394/22 dated 05/23/2022
8. Tensometric measurement on the boiler jacket no. 1 and 2 in the Energetika Gikil Lukavac plant according to offer 03-100-008-415/22 dated 31.5.2022
9. Drafting of the finished state project (project documentation)
10. Stress analysis on the lattice structure - expert opinion
11. Translation, arrangement and printing of instructions on the BOF SECONDRY DE DUSTING project
12. Development of a project for strengthening the connections between the lateral steel structures UKO2-BB2 in the zone of the existing pedestals along the entire height of the existing structure
13. Preparation of technical documentation with calculations for the inlet throat with a flange between the new dam valmet lpf-295 and the boiler for pre-steaming
14. Conceptual design and calculation of the anchor hold
15. Preparation of a detailed energy inspection (audit) of business and production premises
ECONOMIC FACULTY – Faculty of Economics Zenica, Faculty of Economics Tuzla, Faculty of Economics Mostar, Faculty of Economics Sarajevo, Faculty of Economics Banja Luka and Sparkasse bank dd Sarajevo (partner)
– FMON (carrier)
– Municipality of Kakanj (members of the project team)
– TE Kakanj (participation of employees in the project)
– Chamber of Commerce of Zenica-Doboj Canton and Congress of Bosniaks of North America (meeting)
– TRIGLAV funds
– HIFA Oil
– Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts
– Sparkasse bank dd
– University of Zenica
– UniCredit Bank
– Deloitte
– Project EF_IN_IR_14
– Project EF_EN_SP_15
– Project EF_EN_IR_16
– Project EF_EN_IR_17
- Program for young business people "New leaders of Zenica-Doboj Canton"
– Guest lecture by a representative of the company TRIGLAV fondovi
- Guest lecture by a representative of the HIFA OIL company
- Guest lecture by a PREVENT company representative
- Participation in the work of Thematic Working Groups for the FBiH Small Economy Development Strategy for the period 2022-2027.
– Guest lecture by the CEO of Sparkasse Bank
– Lecture by the Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities
- Workshop: Creating a CANVAS model for a student at the University of Zenica
- Agreements on cooperation
– Mini MBA program of UniCredit Bank dd
- Guest lecture and socializing of students with representatives of the company Deloitte
LEGAL FACULTY 1. Institute of History, University of Sarajevo
2. Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Tuzla (exchange of journal issues),
3. Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo
4. Ibn Sina Institute in Sarajevo
5. Institute for Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law, University of Sarajevo
6. National Center for State Courts USA, Office in BiH (National Center for State Courts, USA)
7. Europe Institute of Saarland University
8. Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo
9. Cantonal Court of Zenica-Doboj Canton,
10. Agency for Civil Service FBiH,
11. Internews BiH,
12. SEELS network of law schools for Southeast Europe,
13. BURCH International University
14. Concern AGRAM
15. City of Zenica
16. Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
17. CEST (Center for the Education of Judges and Prosecutors of FBiH)
18. Zenica Penitentiary,
19. Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
20. Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina
21. Federal Police Administration,
22. FBiH Chamber of Notaries,
23. Bar Association of FBiH,
24. Museum of the City of Zenica
25. "Koraci" organization
26. "Berberović" Foundation
1. exchange of magazine issues
2. exchange of magazine issues
3. interlibrary exchange
4. exchange of magazine issues
5. interlibrary exchange
6. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
7. projects, training of teaching staff
8. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation, organization of conferences/round tables
9. developing student practice
10. developing student practice
11. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
12. inter-institutional exchange of students and teaching staff, projects
13. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
14. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
15. strengthening inter-institutional cooperation
16. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
17. development and improvement of judicial practice
18. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
19. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
20. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
21. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
22. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
23. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
24. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
25. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
26. strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation
FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY Hypha Oil arrangement of the conference hall (approx. 15,000 KM invested)
Of course decorating one classroom (donation 5,000 KM)
Of course Production of a brochure for the Vispak company on the occasion of its 50th anniversary
Natron Hayat decorating one classroom (donation 5,000 KM)
Alma Ras landscaping of the park (donation 5,000 KM)
Tisa doo donation 500 KM
ASA Bank donation 5,000 KM
Kakanj Cement donation 2,000 KM
Euro Royal donation of 4 benches for the corridors of the Faculty (approx. 1,600 KM)
Infobeep donation of two LCD televisions
Center for Women's Rights Zenica Overcoming patriarchal thinking/behavior strategies in Bosnian society
TPO Foundation Sarajevo A culture of memory: confronting the wartime past
Education Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Cultural Center "Yunus Emre" in Sarajevo "Participation of students of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature in the panel discussion 'National Poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy and the National Anthem of the Republic of Turkey'"
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports ZDK Publication of the ZDK cultural policy strategy publication 2021-2027. Year and organization of the press conference
Polyclinic Sunce, Radio Acitve Zenica Deutsch bedeutet 3 L
Research Center "Ataturk" of the Department for Culture, Language and History of the Turkish Linguistic Society, Turkish Cultural Center "Yunus Emre" in Sarajevo, Department of Turkish Language and Literature The contribution of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the process of the development of the modern Turkish language and modern Turkish literature and his role in the process of the struggle for women's equality in the Republic of Turkey
ZDK Association of Mathematicians Preparation of students for entrance examinations in mathematics and renewal of knowledge of secondary school material
ZDK Association of Mathematicians Mathematics camp for primary school students of ZDK 2022.
US Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina Let's read
JU Center for children and adults with special needs Bazaar of happiness
JU Home and family packets for children
FACULTY OF MEDICINE PU Cantonal Hospital Zenica PU Health Center Zenica
KCU Tuzla
University Hospital Foča JZU Polyclinic Doboj south Tešanj General Hospital
JZU Cantonal Institute for Combating Addictive Diseases
JZU Institute for Health and Food Safety
Scientific research projects as well as participation in the work and teaching process
POLYTECHNIC FACULTY 1. Agency GRM Digital for digital marketing Sarajevo
2. Symphony doo Sarajevo
3. Faculty of Polymer Technology Slovenj Gradec from Slovenia
4. BH Futures Foundation
5. Bosnian-American Academy of Sciences and Arts
6. Blandus doo Zenica and the Union of Students of the University of Zenica
7. Maus doo Sarajevo and Cape Ann doo Zenica
8. Softray Solutions doo Sarajevo association Kreativci from Zenica
1. Student practice program "Software Engineering Internship" and "Business Internship"
2. Visit of students
3. Participation in the activities of the Erasmus+ project Polyflip
4. Participation of our students at the We Are Developers World Congress 2022 in Berlin, and the Swiss Robotics Day conference in Lausanne
5. Participation of our students in the scientific-professional conference
6. Organization of professional conference and student competition Hackathon Reconnect
7. Public lecture on the GO programming language
8. Preparation for the organization of the Codesmash 2023 hackathon


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