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Dear graduates, future students of the University of Zenica!

In front of you is the Guide for freshmen, which contains summarized information about all the faculties of the University of Zenica and the possibilities for studying in one of their numerous study programs. In brief, we will introduce you to everything that is characteristic of the University of Zenica and the city of Zenica, and especially to certain concepts related to the Bologna reform of education, which you will surely come across during your studies.

The University of Zenica is the first accredited public university in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other words, you have chosen a unique university in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is developing day by day into a leader in higher education with an international orientation. We are happy to emphasize that the University of Zenica was not created by chance, nor by any simple administrative decision, but inherits a tradition of higher education that goes back almost six decades. With such a tradition and scientific research experience, the University of Zenica is already recognized as a place that offers quality higher education and a good opportunity for scientific research work.

On the other hand, the University successfully applies ECTAS, that is, the European system of transfer and accumulation of points, and has been developing its own quality assurance system for a long time. In addition to the faculty, the University also includes the Student Center and the "Kemal Kapetanović" Institute, as well as various specialized centers, such as, for example, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Center for Social and Interreligious Research, the Office for Career and Competence Development and Office for the support of students with special needs.

What is actually most important is that today our graduates are employed in responsible jobs all over our country and the world. The knowledge and skills they acquired at the University of Zenica enabled them to quickly find employment and start their careers.

In any case, we want you to be part of the community of teachers and students of the University of Zenica!



  • The University of Zenica inherits a tradition of higher education spanning more than half a century - the first higher education institution in Zenica was founded way back in 1959.
  • About five thousand students are currently studying at the University of Zenica, and nearly five hundred teachers and associates are engaged in the implementation of the teaching process.
  • Do you know that the University of Zenica is one of the few universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has been integrated, that is, that has undergone an institutional transformation in accordance with the Bologna reform of higher education
  • The Bologna concept of education at the University of Zenica allows you to study in the system of 3+2+3 years or 4+1+3 years
  • Do you know that the University of Zenica has an extremely favorable numerical ratio of the number of teachers in relation to the number of students, as well as the total number of computers "per student"
  • The University of Zenica has the most modern equipment for teaching and scientific research
  • The University of Zenica has successfully completed two external evaluations by the National Agency for Higher Education of Slovenia and the European Association of Universities from Brussels, which is a unique case in our country.
  • The University of Zenica has a highly developed cooperation with international partners, formalized by numerous bilateral agreements, which can lead you to the opportunity to do part of your education with one of our partners in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany...
  • The University of Zenica is the first accredited public university in the Federation of BiH by the Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina


As you can see in the map, the largest number of University buildings are located on the campus, between Fakultetska and Travnička streets. Outside the campus, there is only the Faculty of Philosophy and the Student Center, which are very well connected to the campus by city bus lines.


Zenica is an urban center in Central Bosnia, home to over 100,000 inhabitants, located in the valley of the Bosna River, which flows in an extremely beautiful meander through the very center of the city. Although it is often equated with heavy industry, Zenica is also a city of youth, a cultural and sports center where life flourishes. Chamber Symphony Orchestra, Bosnian National Theatre, Youth Choir, City Museum, new athletic stadium, new shopping center, new City Arena, ZEPS fairs, congresses and conferences, sports spectacles, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, are just a part of the overall pulsation of a city that, even after the severe trials of war, is looking for new ways of expressing its own identity.

A visitor from the outside will feel the desire of every man and woman from Zenica to testify about their city in the language of tolerance and love of freedom. The centuries-old heritage of the unforced intermingling of different cultures, customs and religions makes Zenica a paradigm of intercultural dialogue and coexistence. These values, due to the unobtrusiveness of its inhabitants, often remained its inner and lesser-known quality. This is also because the citizens of Zenica have made tolerance a model of living, not an empty banner.

Zenica is a city that at the beginning of the 21st century is trying to respond to difficult political and economic challenges. It is the center of a region that has been declared a region of the future at the European level in terms of foreign investments and the comparative advantages it offers. Foreign partners recognize this kind of openness, so it is no coincidence that the largest foreign investment in our country happened precisely in Zenica. These investments are getting bigger and wider every day, and new production and business capacities are becoming a trademark of Zenica.

Zenica is a city of parks, greenery and sports fields, which are located almost in the very center of the city, and it will surely be a pleasant place to live for you as well. With your hosts at the University, fellow students, professors and assistants, you will feel at home.


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