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This website is the property of the University of Zenica (hereinafter: UNZE). Please read the Terms of Use section carefully before using the website. By accessing the website and using materials from the website and other online services, you agree to accept the stated rules of use. If you do not agree with these rules of use, please do not use the information from the website

By using any part of the website, you automatically accept all current rules of use.

Users are obliged to regularly read the rules of use, and it is considered that users by continuous use of, or any part of it, are familiar with the current rules of use at all times, and that they have understood them in their entirety. No part of may be used for illegal purposes, nor for their promotion.

Personal, copyright and other rights

UNZE claims copyright on all its own content (textual, visual and audio materials, databases and programming code).

Unauthorized use of any part of the website without the permission of the copyright owner (UNZE partners, users...) is considered a copyright violation and is subject to legal action.

The content published on may not be reproduced, distributed or used in any way for commercial purposes without the express consent of the University of Zenica, or in any way that may cause damage to the University or any third party in accordance with the regulations.

If you believe that the content published on violates your personal, copyright or other right or interest, you can request the publication of an answer or corrections.

The case will be reviewed as soon as possible, and the disputed content will be removed immediately after the truth of the content of the complaint has been determined.

Links to other websites

UNZE publishes the contents in good faith. You use all the contents of the website at your own risk and UNZE cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use.

UNZE consists of its own content, content of partners, free content and links to external sites, as well as links to other websites created by third parties, which, whenever possible, will be marked as such.

UNZE has no control over the said data and information or other websites and fully disclaims any responsibility related to the content on websites created by third parties.

Access to and all its contents is permitted to persons of any age, unless otherwise stated with the specific contents.

Obligations of the user

Users of the UNZE site, as well as social links such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., are strictly prohibited from: publishing, sending and sharing content that violates existing BiH and/or international laws, content that is offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist or chauvinistic and harmful in any other way publication, sending and exchange of information that the visitor knows or assumes to be false, and the use of which could cause harm to other users false representation, i.e. representation on behalf of another legal or natural person publication, sending and exchange of content which are protected by copyright publishing, sending and sharing unwanted content to users without their consent or request, or through deception knowingly publishing, sending and sharing content that contains viruses or similar files or programs designed for the purpose of destroying or limiting the operation of any computer program and/ or hardware as well as telecommunications equipment.

Privacy protection, data confidentiality and cookies

For questions related to the processing and protection of your personal data and the use of cookies, please see our Privacy Policy.

Changes to the terms of use

UNZE reserves the right to change or modify the rules from time to time without notice. UNZE can inform users about important changes and additions via e-mail or by publishing them on the Portal.

By using any content on, you are considered to be familiar with the latest rules.



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