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The university library of the University of Zenica, created "from the spirit" of the Bologna reform, is organized in accordance with the structure of an integrated university and is therefore specific in relation to other higher education and university libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other words, in accordance with the process of integrating faculties into the unique system of an integrated university, faculty libraries, together with the central university library fund, have been integrated into the polycentric University Library since 2006 as its dislocated organizational unit.

In the mentioned period, the complete formal-normative organization of the University Library was established, i.e. the appropriate regulations and provisions of the University Statute were adopted, which fully regulate the university library activity. In addition, a set of internal quality procedures was adopted that cover all library activities and processes, which means that the University Library is fully included in the university's quality assurance system.

Since 2009, the University Library has been a member of COBISS (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services), thus becoming part of the COBIB.BH system (, that is, the national Bosnian mutual bibliographic-catalogue database as part of the COBISS network ( COBIB.BH, as a mutual online catalog, in addition to bibliographic data, also contains information about which libraries have certain materials, and provides great opportunities for searching bibliographic information, as well as information about the location and availability of publications in the libraries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and therefore also in the University Library University of Zenica.

The total library fund of monographic publications of the University Library consists of over seventy thousand inventory units, of which a third of the publications are located in the library of the "Kemal Kapetanović" Institute. In addition to the Institute, the Faculty of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering and Law have more developed library collections. The university library develops daily by continuously enriching its holdings at the organizational units and by processing library material on the COBISS platform, thereby making an important contribution to the development of the library activity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Head of the University Library
Aras BORIĆ, graduate comparativist and graduate librarian
Tel. +387 32 409 525

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