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Zenica is a city located in the basin of the Bosna River at an altitude of 316 meters above sea level. It is the economic center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zenica is 70 kilometers from the capital city of Sarajevo, to the north, along the Bosna river valley. The nearest airport is Sarajevo International Airport in Sarajevo. For timetables from Sarajevo to Zenica, please visit Bus station Sarajevo or Railways FBiH for railway traffic. For timetables from the city of Zenica, visit the website Bus station Zenica or Railways FBiH.

Area 505.4 km2
Latitude and Longitude 44° 12' and 17° 56'
Elevation 316 m

Today, the city of Zenica has about 130,000 inhabitants, members of different peoples, cultures, religions and customs connected by deep traditions of harmonious life.

More about the city, its history, culture and sports, parks and pedestrian zones, as well as religious buildings, can be found at the following links:


  • The University of Zenica inherits a tradition of higher education spanning more than half a century - the first higher education institution in Zenica was founded way back in 1959.
  • About five thousand students are currently studying at the University of Zenica, and nearly five hundred teachers and associates are engaged in the implementation of the teaching process.
  • Do you know that the University of Zenica is one of the few universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has been integrated, that is, that has undergone an institutional transformation in accordance with the Bologna reform of higher education
  • The Bologna concept of education at the University of Zenica allows you to study in the system of 3+2+3 years or 4+1+3 years
  • Do you know that the University of Zenica has an extremely favorable numerical ratio of the number of teachers in relation to the number of students, as well as the total number of computers "per student"
  • The University of Zenica has the most modern equipment for teaching and scientific research
  • The University of Zenica has successfully completed two external evaluations by the National Agency for Higher Education of Slovenia and the European Association of Universities from Brussels, which is a unique case in our country.
  • The University of Zenica has a highly developed cooperation with international partners, formalized by numerous bilateral agreements, which can lead you to the opportunity to do part of your education with one of our partners in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany...
  • The University of Zenica is the first accredited public university in the Federation of BiH by the Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina


As you can see in the map, the largest number of University buildings are located on the campus, between Fakultetska and Travnička streets. Outside the campus, there is only the Faculty of Philosophy and the Student Center, which are very well connected to the campus by city bus lines.


Fakultetska 3
72000 ZENICA

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