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Students of the University of Zenica FIRST at the regional University competition in Budva

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Students of the University of Zenica achieved exceptional success at the regional university competition held in Budva in the period from May 15 to 19 of the current year. More than 1,700 students from 6 countries and 20 cities participated in the mentioned competition.

In competition with numerous Universities from the region, Ahmet Patković, Emina Šaćirbegović and Mateo Sušić stood out in the knowledge category, where they were tasked with presenting an innovation for the improvement of banking systems. Our students created a project called "Dobbi". "Dobbi" was presented as a virtual assistant for mobile banking that would provide its users with an insight into their finances, help them plan the distribution of their income, limit their daily spending and create the possibility to get a refund of 3% when paying by card. Ahmet, Emina and Mateo managed to come up with an idea, make a presentation and an essay in 90 minutes, which brought them victory in this competition.
The expert jury unanimously declared the idea of the students of the University of Zenica the best, which brought our university first place.

The student union of the University of Zenica expresses its sincere gratitude to the management of the University of Zenica and the sponsors who enabled our students to participate in this prestigious competition. Your support is crucial for achieving such results and improving student standards and activities.

This success would not be possible without the support and sponsors: Tvornica cementa Kaknj, Neimax doo Visoko, Boha furniture Zenica, Širbegović inženjering, Medena Commerce doo, HIFA-OIL doo Tešanj, NUCAD doo Bugojno. Madi doo Tešanj and Almy doo Zenica. Also,

On the occasion of the departure of our students to the competition in Budva, the President of the Student Union, Larisa Gadžun, spoke:

"I am glad to confirm once again that the University of Zenica nurtures talents and provides support to valuable students. Our students won first place in the knowledge category at the Universiade, which is proof of their dedication and the quality of our education. I have to praise the Students' Union, which once again proved to be a key factor in such activities. We tried to provide maximum support to our students through organization and motivation."

We congratulate all participants and thank you for the great presentation of our University. This victory is proof of the quality work and dedication of our students and teaching staff of the University of Zenica.



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