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A meeting was held within the framework of the TRAIN program

In order to continue cooperation within the TRAIN program 11.06.2024. at the University of Zenica, a working meeting was held with Prof. Ph.D. Sandrom Bjelan and M.Sc. sc. Jasmina Gradaščević-Pleh, senior associate/coordinator of TRAIN BiH from the scientific research service of the University of Sarajevo.

The meeting was attended by prof. Ph.D. Fuad Hadžikadunić, vice-rector for scientific research at the University of Zenica, prof. Ph.D. Hasan Avdušinović, vice-rector for international cooperation and quality assurance of UNZE, prof. Ph.D. Izet Pehlić - vice dean for scientific research of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy UNZE and Amra Muslić-Halilović, prof. - coordinator of the office for international cooperation of the University of Zenica. At the meeting, the TRAIN program was presented in detail, and possibilities for continued cooperation were identified.

Namely, the program TRAIN BiH - Development of the professional development framework of academic staff at public universities in BiH has been successfully implemented at the University of Sarajevo since September 2013. Through the offer of nine modules, the participants of this Program supplement their knowledge and skills in three areas important for lifelong learning and training of academic staff:

  1. teaching competencies so that every organization within the university becomes a learning organization,
  2. non-methodological competences in the context of new requirements for research design skills in the common area of European higher education and
  3. non-entrepreneurial competencies that turn every higher education organization into a business entity ready for self-sustainability.

Given that some activities within the program had already started in 2017, and part of the employees of the University of Zenica underwent certain trainings, the goal is to realize the continuation of cooperation, and to establish such a program at the University of Zenica with the support of the University of Sarajevo.

Some of the strategic goals of the University of Zenica are the strengthening of teaching, research, entrepreneurial, administrative excellence and competence of employees through various activities and programs, as well as the implementation of lifelong learning programs.


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