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The Health Care study program of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica hosted the final dissemination conference as part of the Tempus project CCNURCA Competency based Curriculum Reform in Nursing and Caring in Western Balkan Universities (544169-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPCR) which was held in the period 21.-22.03.2017. years.
The conference was officially opened by prof. Ph.D. sc. Dževad Zečić, rector of UNZE, emphasizing the importance of the CCNURCA tempus project for the development of the health care study program of UNZE. Assoc. also addressed the gathering. Ph.D. sc. Harun Hodžić, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UNZE, emphasizing the need for continuous work and cooperation of project consortium partners in the future as well. Zenica, University of East Sarajevo and University of Mostar), Albania (University of Shkodër, Korka and Gjirokastra), Montenegro (University of Podgorica) as well as relevant ministries from ZDK, HNK and RS. Partners from the European Union are Unvierzitet in Prešov, Slovakia, Hanze Hoegschool Groningen Netherlands and project coordinator Odisse University College from Brussels - Belgium.
During the project, the main goal of the activities implemented is to reform the way nurses/technicians are educated in accordance with the EU Directive on regulated professions, which clearly prescribes the methods, areas, number of hours and learning methodologies in the field of regulated professions, including nursing. At the partner universities, curriculum reforms were carried out in accordance with EU Directives, as well as the introduction of new learning methodologies, for which trainers were educated during the project activities at trainings held in Prešov, Brussels, Groningen, Shkodër, Foča, Mostar and Zenica with a total number of over 500. participants.
The CCNURCA Tempus Project has significantly strengthened both human and material technical resources to facilitate competency-based learning, which is of utmost importance in the field of nursing education. As part of these activities, the teaching staff of the Health Care study program of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica attended a series of training sessions aimed at enabling the implementation of new learning methodologies. One of the key activities for the realization of this project was the equipping and opening of the Training Center for the Development of Nursing Clinical Skills, which was equipped with the help of EU funds and the University of Zenica's own funds. The training center was officially opened on February 20, 2016. years. The curriculum of the Health Care/Nursing study program of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica has been completely innovated and harmonized with the European Union Directive on regulated professions, and the first generation was enrolled in the 2015/2016 academic year. This project has also achieved progress in the area of teacher and student mobility, and as a result, the mobility of students and teaching staff has increased, as part of which students from Belgium spent the entire semester last academic year on this study program, and students of the Health Care study program spent the entire semester on Odyssey Hoegschool in Belgium (campus St Niklaas). The mobility of teaching staff was improved, and teachers from Slovakia, the Netherlands and Belgium stayed in Zenica and vice versa. As part of the project activities, a pilot preparatory accreditation of the study program was carried out in order to better prepare this study program for the upcoming national accreditation of study programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Tempus project was successfully realized and implemented with all its activities, not only at the University of Zenica, but also at all partner institutions, which was determined by the monitoring of the project that was held on March 22, 2017. years.
The successful implementation of the project would certainly not have been possible without the support of the competent structures of the University of Zenica as well as the departmental Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the ZDK.
The project team of the CCNURCA Tempus project consisted of: Assoc. Ph.D. sc. Harun Hodžić, prof. Ph.D. sc. Salih Tandir, prof. Ph.D. sc. Malik Čabaravdić, prof. Ph.D. sc. Dževad Zečić, prof. Ph.D. sc. Darko Petković, assistant Mirza Oruč (coordinator of project activities in the Western Balkan region), assistant Adnan Mujezinović, M.Sc. sci. Adisa Krehmić, Mirela Hrnjadović B.Sc. Prof., Amra Muslić B.Sc. Prof., Prof. Ph.D. sc. Hajrudin Skender, prof. Ph.D. sc. Amir Denjalić, assistant professor Ph.D. sc. Ibrahim Plančić as well as many other project partners.


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