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Staff mobility refers to the stay of the employee of the home institution (hereinafter: staff) at the host institution, after which the employee returns to the home institution.

Mobility staff includes:

  1. staff employed on the basis of work contracts at the University and faculties in teaching and associate positions,
  2. non-teaching staff (administrative-professional staff) employed on the basis of employment contracts at the University and faculties

Through Eramus+ international credit mobility, the host institution offers UNZE grants to academic and administrative staff for short visits to teach or train at that institution.

The activity enables teaching staff higher education institutions to teach at a partner higher education institution. Mobility usually takes 5 business days (plus up to 2 days for travel). The required length of teaching activities during mobility is a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week.

Erasmus+ mobility supports professional development teaching and non-teaching staff partner universities, in the form of training, monitoring of employees at the relevant workplace, and professional courses at a foreign higher education institution. Training usually takes place over a period of 5 working days (plus up to 2 days for travel).

How to participate in the Erasmus+ program?

Staff can apply for Erasmus+ ICM mobility if:

  • An Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement must be established and signed before mobility can take place.
  • You are employed at the University of Zenica
  • Your subject or area of expertise is available at a foreign higher education institution and is included in the Inter-Institutional Agreement between UNZE and the foreign host institution

What documents are required?

  • It is very important to carefully read the competition, which lists the documents you need to submit by the specified deadline.
  • You submit what is requested in the competition, and the notes emphasize which documents may be requested from you later if you pass the evaluation.
  • Enter correct and true information in the requested documents

What are the scholarship amounts?

The Erasmus+ scholarship includes:

  • Financial amount (predefined) for staff on a daily basis
  • Travel expenses (predefined)
  • Insurance is not covered by this scholarship, so the scholarship holder is obliged to bear these costs himself

Travel expenses for academic and administrative staff

Travel expenses for fellows are the same for academic and administrative staff and are covered up to a certain amount depending on the distance between the home institution and the host institution. Maximum travel costs are calculated according to the distance between the two institutions. The amounts given below are calculated based on mileage between institutions using only “distance calculator” as the only recognized source of information. Note: To calculate the mileage, the distance from point A to point B is taken in one direction (the return distance is not taken).

  • Between 10 and 99 km: 20 euros per participant
  • Between 100 and 499 km: 180 euros per participant
  • Between 500 and 1999 km: 275 euros per participant
  • Between 2000 and 2999 km: 360 euros per participant
  • Between 3000 and 3999 km: 530 eur per participant
  • Between 4000 and 7999 km: 820 eur per participant
  • Between 8000 km and more: 100 euros per participant
  • Between 8000 km and more: 500 euros per participant


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