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Representatives of the University of Poitiers visiting the University of Zenica

In the period from May 13 to 17, 2024, the University of Zenica will host representatives of the University of Poitiers (Université de Poitiers), and during that period a series of meetings and training sessions will be organized for employees of the University of Zenica, as well as lectures for students.

An official reception for guests from Poitiers was held today in the Rector's Office, where, in addition to the Rector, Prof. Ph.D. Jusuf Duraković was also attended by vice-chancellors.

"The University of Zenica is determined to establish strategic cooperation with the University of Poitiers, which is 593 years old, and it is a great honor and pleasure for us to be able to strengthen the cooperation between these two universities," said the rector, Prof. Ph.D. sc. Jusuf Durakovic. The Rector also pointed out that the representatives of the University of Poitiers expressed a desire to expand cooperation in the field of legal and economic sciences, as well as technical sciences, and he especially pointed out the very significant possibility of cooperation in the form of joint studies with diplomas from both universities.

Through previous meetings, both universities defined the priorities of cooperation, and during this official visit to the University of Zenica, they will discuss, among other things, the expansion of cooperation in the segment of scientific and research work, the improvement of the mobility of students and employees, the continuous education of employees, and a special emphasis will be placed on cooperation within the framework of research for master's and doctoral dissertations, and the development of joint study programs. The University of Poitiers is one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in 1431, and one of the former students of this University is the famous scientist and philosopher Descartes.


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