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The term incoming student refers to a student of the home institution who resides and studies/does an internship at the host institution, after which the incoming student returns to his home institution. If you are studying at an institution that has an agreement with the University of Zenica, you can apply for a study stay at UNZE. To apply successfully, you must be selected and nominated by your home university. You should initially consult the International Cooperation Office of your University for any questions regarding the application procedure. Only your university can submit your nomination to the University of Zenica.

Nomination deadline

  • Winter semester of the academic year:  June
  • Summer semester of the academic year:  November

How to apply

1. Nomination – you need to be officially nominated by your home institution/coordinator

The nomination should contain the following information: Name and surname, gender, study program, cycle of study, e-mail and chosen study program at UNZE, and a proposal for a study/professional practice contract. The nomination must be submitted to the Office for International Cooperation of the University of Zenica.

If your nomination, sent by your home University, is accepted by UNZE, you will receive further instructions by e-mail.

You can visit the following links to view the study programs and course catalog:

2. Evaluation (by the host University)

UNZE coordinators will review your applications. They can be approved, rejected or their modification can be requested. If your application is approved, the University and the designated representative of the organizational unit, as well as the designated representative of the host institution, will draw up a Study/Internship Agreement with the student and the home institution. The study contract is signed by the incoming student and the Rector of the University, as well as the designated representative/s of the host institution. The internship contract is signed by the incoming student, the dean and the appointed representative/s of the host institution, i.e. the employer. The learning/practice contract can only be changed with the consent of all signatories, and all changes must be in writing. After the Study/Internship Agreement has been approved, the University of Zenica will issue a Letter of Acceptance that will be delivered to the student and the home institution.

3. Visa

For all necessary visa/residence permit information, please visit the following website:

4. Accommodation

If you want to book accommodation in the student center for your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please do not contact the student dormitory directly for reservations, but to arrange accommodation, contact the Office for International Cooperation at the following emails: Amra Muslić-Halilović, or Elma Hedžić,

Accommodation in the student dormitory of the host University will be reserved based on available capacity.

You can view information about the Student Center at the following links:

Private accomodation

If there are no free units in the Student Center of the University of Zenica for a certain period, the incoming student is obliged to find and reserve private accommodation (apartment, hotel, apartment) and the following contact email is available for help in choosing accommodation depending on its location:

The price of private accommodation depends on whether the accommodation is closer to the center or further away, as well as the size of the living space. The approximate monthly housing price ranges from 300 KM and more.

5. Insurance

Every foreign student enrolled at the University of Zenica must have an insurance policy for the duration of their studies and stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you buy an insurance policy in your country, it is important to pay attention that it covers the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For participants in the Erasmus program, the rules of the Erasmus+ program relating to insurance apply, the insurance policy should cover travel, health, death and repatriation insurance. You can read more about Erasmus+ rules related to insurance at the following link:

For all academic issues, such as the preparation of the Contract on Learning/Professional Internship, the plan of stay at the University, students can contact the faculty's ECTS coordinators:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: assistant professor Emir Đulić; email:

Polytechnic Faculty: assistant professor Nermin Redžić; email:

Faculty of Law: Assoc. Ph.D. Sedad Dedić; email:

Faculty of Economics: assistant professor Nermana Mahmić Muhić, email:

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences; Associate Professor Nadira Bušatlić; email:

Faculty of Philosophy: Bernard Harbash:

Faculty of Medicine: M.Sc. Adisa Krehmić;

Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy: Amina Pehlić;


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