Studentski centarAddress: Crkvice broj 50
Phone: 032/226-602
Fax.: 032/226-604

At the first place the Student’s Centre is formed to enable the sojourn and to accommodate the students who come out of Zenica, and who continue their higher education at the University of Zenica. In the complex of university buildings there is the Student’s Home with 87 rooms, of which 33 are two-beds and 54 three-beds. The home dispose with reading room, TV sale, tea – kitchens, and other necessary premises to effectuate quotidian student’s activities. It is located in a pleasant ambient of Zenica’s Settlement Crkvice, near City Pools, and it is very well linked by bus lines with the downtown and the Faculties. It is specially favourable for the students of the Faculty of Health being very close to its neighbourhood.

Remaining activities of the Centre:
They are carried out by the Association of Students of the Home, trough organizing the cultural, show and sport activities.

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