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Pozivnica za Šestu berzu preduzetničkih ideja

Otvoren je konkurs za prijavu ideja za Šestu berzu preduzetničkih ideja koja će se održati 09. Maja 2016. godine na UDG (Univerzitet Donja Gorica, Podgorica, Crna Gora). Slijedi pozivnica:

The 6th Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas
on 9th May 2016 in Podgorica

The University of Donja Gorica in cooperation with the iDEAlab is organizing the 6th Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas that will be held on May, 9th 2016 at the University Donja Gorica, Podgorica.
Goal of the Stock Market of Entrepreneurial Ideas is to promote development of entrepreneurial and business ideas, especially among university students and high school students coming from various schools across Montenegro and the region.
This type of stock market is a place where students make a presentation of their business idea (“idea supply”). The “idea demand” side is composed of representatives of the most successful companies in the country and the region.
They bid for negotiation for buying the idea from the student who invented it.
Ideas will have the chance to get implemented via iDEAlab equipment and this Stock will be also used to promote iDEAlab at UDG and cooperation with the universities from the region within this project.
Additionally, they are structured according to the methodology UDG proposes. Submitted business ideas are forwarded to Organizer who makes a preliminary selection.
On the official quotation, top 11 business ideas are presented according to the Rules of the quotation of business ideas on the Stock Market of Entrepreneurial Ideas.
The deadline for submission of ideas is April, 27th 2016.
You may look for additional information on the following link:

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