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University of Zenica – Mission and Vision

The mission of the University of Zenica  is based on three basic components of higher education:

  • educational and scientific (educational) work
  • scientific and research work
  • service of the community

For ease of observation and management processes at the university, they can be parsed as follows:

  • education, both through teaching and the scientific research process, high-quality, young experts (students), and adults, in all areas of teaching that exist at the university, so that they can be productive in their current and future activities,
  • continuous monitoring and improvement of scientific research at the University; training (education), and the inclusion of a greater number of young people (assistants and other offspring) in this process; connect the University with the environment, economic and cultural events.

Mission of the university includes assisting economic, social and cultural development within and beyond the region and the state, providing scientific and technical support. In doing so, the University of Zenica must fit into national and international criteria of quality of educational and scientific activities and results. In other words, all the results of scientific and teaching, scientific research and professional work at the University of Zenica must include the character of universal values, which are not measures of regional qualitative assessments.

The vision of the development of the University of Zenica

The vision is that the University of Zenica become a modern and respected institution which is involved in a joint academic area of Europe and the world.

By year of 2020, at his 20th birthday, University of Zenica should be a higher education institution of medium size, which has 12 to 14 organizational units (faculties, institutes, etc.) and about 40 programs of study, and the planned number students from 10000 to 12000. The buildings will be arranged in two campuses (natural Sciences, on the one hand, and social and humanities, on the other hand), whose total area wold be 60,000 m2. University should have 550-600 employees. Also, we hope that the University of Zenica by then should have built a reputation in the academic area not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also much wider.


Fakultetska 3
72000 ZENICA

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tel. +387 32 444 420, 444 421
fax. +387 32 444 431
E-mail: rektorat@unze.ba

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